Monster Village Hotel



  • Secrets of Dessert

    Room Escape Secrets of Dessert

    The most popular mascot partner is Kuma and Bado. They are not only having tacit understanding in performance but very good friends privately. The birthday of Kuma is coming recently!

  • Secrets of Post

    Room Escape Secrets of Post

    Kumar and Bado both know what everyone thought, they found Monster Post to share works from Monster Mailbox. However, they still need help. Let’s use our brain for sending the letters to the receivers successfully!

  • Secrets of Dark Forest

    Room Escape Secrets of Dark Forest

    Dark forest has a mysterious story for long time ago.
    “At the date of new moon, forest will reveal the hidden treasures because of the weakening of the magic of moon." After Kuma and Bado heard of this story...

  • Secrets of Day Forest

    Room Escape Secrets of Day Forest

    There are more and more people who likes to walk in the mountains for breathing fresh air on holidays. Xitou becomes the first choice for them because people can eat delicious foods and has some fun here!
    Therefore, Xitou forest administration decides to recruit new forest tour guide!
    And the most popular tour guide will get a special title name...

  • Secrets of Ninja

    Room Escape Secrets of Ninja

    Do you know?
    There is never rain in the world of monster!
    Although the weather is suitable for adventure every day, there is very unsuitable for planting crops at monster world...

  • Secrets of Adventurers

    Room Escape Secrets of Adventurers

    There is a tradition of monster world since ancient time. Little monsters must have coming-of-age rituals to become real monsters. Today is the day for Kuma having the ritual! In addition to enough courage and audacity…