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January 04,2023

Monster Children's Playroom Announcement

Children's playroom regulations and rules
1. Children's playroom service hours

2. Fees
[Check-in] Children in Monster Village can enter the children’s playroom by registering their room number with the brothers and sisters in the playroom with their room card.
[Not staying in] Children from the Monster Village can also enter the children’s playroom. One child only needs to receive NT$200 in cash and there is no time limit on the day.
3. Daily midfield 11:45~14:00 is disinfection, cleaning time is not open.
4. There are too many people in the children's playroom, and the right to prohibit latecomers from entering.
5. Children over 10 years old or over 130 cm tall are not allowed to use the children’s playroom.
6. When children come to play here, adults must take care of their safety nearby. Shoes must be taken off before entering the venue and placed on a shoe rack. Socks must be worn to maintain hygiene.
7. Do not eat or drink in the children's playroom (boiling water cannot bring inside!).
8. Smoking is strictly prohibited in children's playrooms.
9. If the user directly or indirectly damages the venue, loses the rented facility or other items, the club management company has the right to claim all the losses caused by the above as compensation from the user.
10. Users are not suitable to use all facilities or equipment, or participate in all activities. Users must check and ensure their physical condition is suitable for sports or participating in activities. Users are responsible for their own safety. If an accident occurs in the children's playroom and causes loss, injury or death, the club management company is not responsible.
11. Users must be responsible for the safety of their belongings. The club management company is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings.
12. The clubhouse management company reserves the right to reserve venues for maintenance, cleaning and arranging activities at any time. The above reservation will be processed first.
13. The user must abide by the instructions of the staff of the club management company. The club management company reserves the right to modify the above rules and codes.