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October 01,2020

Nantou Taxation Office

The beautiful story of the office 
During the Japanese Occupation period, six branch offices in Yilan, Taoyuan, Chiayi, Pingtung, Penghu, and Nantou were set up in Taiwan. In recent years, Japanese-style buildings have been demolished. At present, there is only one century-old historic site left The tax office is also the only day for preservation in Nantou County. A typical "official office building" in the style period. The first director was "Sada Katayama". At the beginning of its establishment, there were 54 Japanese and 6 Taiwanese employees. Because Japanese employees came to Taiwan on business trips at that time, the "branch office" got its name. The office has been in use for more than 90 years. The development of fashion in Taiwan is the most turbulent era. Throughout the Japanese era, the National Government, different offices have been stationed, and buildings have been changed many times. Fortunately, there are a group of cultural workers. Root-seeking and protection have been able to present the current style and appearance of branch office.
The branch office ~ now
At this time and place in this branch, your footprints have become a beautiful mark of historical sites. The first floor is a block for parent-child interaction and a space for children’s art and imagination. We will hold art and cultural activities from time to time to borrow children’s laughter and Family love warms every corner of the office. The two rooms on the left and right are the "Family Banquet and State Banquet" art banquet of God of Cooking, where you can enjoy "beautiful" ingredients, "beautiful" architecture and "beautiful" mood with friends and family. It is a great honor for Mingshan Bieguan Co., Ltd. to become the director of the branch office in 2017. It kicks off the long axis of the prelude. You are welcome to become the protagonist of a century-old monument and look forward to your visit again.