The M Village


Guide Map


How to get to the M Village (by train or high-speed rail friends)

After arriving at Taichung Railway Station or Taichung Wuri Station, continue to take the bus named Taiwan Tourist Shuttle.
(When there are a lot of people, you need to follow the instructions from the on-site staff to pick up the number plate)

>> Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Website ( 台灣好行 )

By Taiwan Tourist Shuttle:
You may take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle at Taichung Gancheng Bus Station (台中干城車站), Taichung Train Station (台中火車站), or Taichung HSR Station (台中高鐵站) -> Get off at the last stop- Xitou (溪頭) -> Take a 3-minute walk to Nantou Monster Village

By Bus:
Take Taichung Bus or Yuanlin Bus from Taichung Gancheng Bus Station (台中干城車站) directly to Xitou (溪頭)/Shanlinsi (杉林溪) -> Get off at Xitou (溪頭) -> Take a 3-minute walk to Nantou Monster Village

Bus Stop: 
Taichung Gancheng Station→Taichung Railway Station(In front of the Shenjian Building)→Daqing Railway Station→High-speed Rail Taichung Station(Exit No. 5 on the 2nd platform)→Before the warehouse ( Zhushan Interchange)→Zhushan Industrial Zone→Chuxiang→Zhongxing Bee Farm→Lugu Township Farmers' Tea Exhibition Center→Guangxing→Neihu→Neihu Elementary School→Bay Bit→Le Midi Hotel→Xitou