Monster Village Hotel



  • Sake Wall

    Sake Wall

    Phoenix Mountain God with heart of gratitude and nature-respect and a series of festival of pray and nature-respect. We invite you for our festival to experience different New Year feelings; you can not only pray for the peace but also enjoy the blessed Sake.

  • Lantern for shrine

    Lantern for shrine

    Nantou County held Taiwan Lantern Festival in February 2014; Monster Village was invited to participate for displaying the lantern, and they built themed lantern as "Monster Village- Senbon Torii” on the site.

  • Torii


    Torii is take the entrance door of Chinese temple as reference, so it is like the word "door". Walking into Torii, we are entering a unpolluted wonderland, where is filled with Phytoncide.

  • Matsubayashi Shoichi

    Matsubayashi Shoichi

    Matsubayashi Shoichi, also called Shan Lin, lived Dongding, Lugu Township, Taiwan.
    He was born in 6th September of Chinese lunar year in 1895 in the Qing Dynasty and died in 1979.

  • Fire Cloud Monster

    Fire Cloud Monster

    The aboriginal thanks for the life and wisdom given by Fire Cloud and its brothers, so in the duration of celebration of the new year, they usually write or curve the words of gratitude or blessing on papers or woods, hope that they can express the words to them with burning them and pray for getting the blessing from them in new year.

  • Tree-blocking God Stone

    Tree-blocking God Stone

    Matsubayashi was still suffering from the shock and decided for no longer cut trees. Several days later, he asked someone to stand the stone up with machines, vowed that the descendants can’t be engaged in logging business.

  • Wu Bin Stage / God of four seasons

    Wu Bin Stage / God of four seasons

    Wu Bin Stage is behind Torii, which is like a shrine.

  • Xitou Drum Square

    Xitou Drum Square

    The drumming ceremony will be performance at night on holidays. We will also call Kumar, Bado and all tourists on site for blessing peace and happiness with the drum.

  • Taiko Drum Square

    Taiko Drum Square

    The square in front of “Xitou Taiko Drum”, Performance of street artists, activists of monster

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