Monster Village Hotel



Introduction of Monster Village


Mingshan planted the seeds of dreams in Xitou in 2009 and began to use Songlin Town to represent the new era of Xitou. A Japanese-style shopping street "Matsurincho" was created. This is a brand new construction that records the development history of Mingshan and commemorates the founder Katsuichi Matsubayashi (the name of the Japanese occupation era, whose real name is Lin Yu). A long red was painted in the moonlit night of the green forest, so that travelers who came to Xitou overnight could find the Japanese mystery in the mountains and forests at night under the red lanterns.

The "Kubota Bakery" was created to commemorate the precious foreign friendship between Katsuichi Matsubayashi and his Japanese friend Kubota. It sells creative souvenirs and limited products in Xitou. Among them, the "bite cat bread" is hot in line because of the limited number of baked goods. Because bloggers' introductions are widely circulated on the Internet, Songlin Town has become a popular attraction in Xitou—Monster Village.

The Monster Village was officially listed in the park, allowing Mingshan to more actively focus on the combination of environmental protection, humanities and ecology. The two towns of the Pine Forest and the King of Mountain Buns have been completed one after another. More stories, monsters, and cultural and creative goods can be seen everywhere in the Monster Village, and a series of holidays and festivals are held regularly. In July, commonly known as Ghost Moon, the first "Monster Village Carnival" was held, which successfully attracted the public to the Monster Village to make fun. In order to celebrate the harvest and express the respect for nature, the first "Xitou Shiraki Festival ~ Sake Festival" was held, and the well-known Jiutian Folk Art Troupe was invited to "respect the sky and wake up the drum" for the new year and pray for the phoenix The mountain god bestows peace and happiness on the people of this land of Taiwan! With a heart of gratitude and feedback, we are determined to make the event sustainable.

The dream and construction have been going on. Welcome to the Xitou Mingshan Forest Club and invite you to dream together with us.

Monster Village does not require tickets. Kumar &  Badou and other monsters welcome everyone to come to the Monster Village for fun!
VIPs staying at the Monster Village theme hotel have parking spaces. Non-resident VIPs can park in the white line area on the roadside or park their cars at Xitou No. 1 Parking Lot. You can walk to Monster Village in five minutes.