Monster Village Hotel



  • Monster Village-themed restaurant

    Monster Village-themed restaurant

    Monster Village-themed restaurant is located at altitude of 1100 meters in Xitou where surrounds fresh air with phytoncide and clean water without pollution.

  • Li Yuan Ramen House

    Li Yuan Ramen House

    Li Yuan Ramen House is next to Monster Village Hall. For memorizing the company “Li Yuan” in Japanese Occupation time, it is hoped that the descendants can remember the hardworking of their ancestors.
    The ramen house with highly-hanging red lanterns is designed as in Japanese style in old times. When you walk into this ramen house, you will immediately smell the delicious ramen. And the dishes of set meal are so rich to make us mouthwatering.
    You can visit Li Yuan Ramen House for relaxing accompanied with friends. It’s best choice to have cool beer in summer time and Sake in winter time.

  • Soseki Banquet Hall

    Soseki Banquet Hall

    Provide a wedding reception, a tail banquet, a group dinner.
    Chinese style dishes are served at 4000+10% per table.
    The venue can accommodate up to 200 people, and the table type and number of tables can be changed according to the needs of the guests.
    Telephone reservation is required, and on-site road survey can be reserved.
    If you need a reservation, please contact: 049-2612377.

  • Gao Shang meeting room

    Gao Shang meeting room

    At 4th floor in Kuma Theme Villa I
    Small meeting room (can accommodate 40-60 people)
    NT$ 8000 every 4 hours in each period

  • Broadway conference room

    Broadway conference room

    At 7th floor in Broadway theme room
    Medium conference room (can accommodate 80-120 people)
    NT$ 12000 every 4 hours in each period